Thursday, 23 January 2014

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

 I like to exercise! All throughout my life I have indulged in some or the other kind of workouts. Its known and proven very well that exercising is good, nothing new in that. If you want to lose weight, exercise! If you want to get fit, exercise, if you have health issues, exercise! If you are stressed or depressed, exercise! Phew!!! The list is ongoing. However, I must confess that from the time I have become a mother, I was seeing all sorts of excuses to start with my workout and diet routines. I thought I will not find time with my little one, so let her be at least 6 months old and I will find some free time then came her 8 months and then her ten months. During this waiting time, while I was browsing the web I saw this particular pic. It was an eye opener and thought I will never get my free time for exercising, I need to find some. So I pulled out all my motivation and started with my diet and exercise regimes. Today I have become pretty consistent with these routines. This was not easy, but then followed few motivational methods (some mine and some from the web) which got me back on track.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tips on Do's And Don'ts of Good Posture

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Yesterday I had a visitor. This particular visitor, as part of his conversation was narrating how he is hurting from his lower back condition and all the trouble that he is going through to go for treatments and how much time consuming it is to execute all these. All this was fine, but what captured my interest the most was that that this person as he was narrating all this, his posture just wasn’t right. He was using his body poorly on the sofa. Then I thought even before he obtains all his long listed treatments, one simple correction could solve 50% of his condition and that’s POSTURE

So today I shall set up a post on the importance of requiring or improving POSTURE to enhance your health and well-being.